thung lung vang du lich da lat
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Policy for promotion, free or reduced number of total tickets Visiting guests to use at Thung Lung Vang services

* 100% OF TICKETS to the hotel by the authorities, people's committees at all levels to have a written company directors have been considered.
* From 50% to 100% of the ticket for those customers is the charitable organization, school disability, religion has been the Director a written request and approval ...

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Rules of Golden Valley Bungalow

During your stay, you cooperate with the rest to maintain the common property. If unintentionally broken, broken compensation at the current cost. Self-managed property.

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_Những điều cần biết khi đi du lịch xứ lạnh

Quần áo ấm là không thể thiếu được. Nên chuyển bị một bộ quần áo thun mỏng ôm sát người để giữ nhiệt, sau đó là mặc áo len, áo khoác dạ hoặc khoác áo gió để tránh mưa. Quần áo nên có màu sậm để tránh bị bẩn và giúp hấp thụ nhiệt cho cơ thể nhiều hơn.  

_Đà Lạt, nơi vui chơi _Dịch vụ vận chuyển tại Đà Lạt

- Garden Green Energy

- Neo on Italian

- Great Scene

- Springs Rhododendron ...


A different menu for lunch and dinner with yummy desserts available any hour. Especially with many Da Lat special products of flowers and vegetables...


- Room 6 bed
- Not cool.
- Large balcony overlooking the forest...


- Visit
- Restaurants and European food, Asian, Central Highlands with a capacity of 350 guests
- Lodging with a capacity of 100 guests
- Picnic feeling