thung lung vang du lich da lat
Policy for promotion, free or reduced number of total tickets Visiting guests to use at Thung Lung Vang services

To attract the provincial Tourism Company, a tour designed to bring tourists to Da Lat Golden Valley from 2012 and the following summer. This company has a policy for promotion, free or reduced number of total tickets Visiting guests to use at Thung Lung Vang  services as follows:

* 100% OF TICKETS to the hotel by the authorities, people's committees at all levels to have a written company directors have been considered.
* From 50% to 100% of the ticket for those customers is the charitable organization, school disability, religion has been the Director a written request and approval

Thung Lung Vang  incentive groups to use only the accommodation service, restaurant agreed, placing first.

* Between 10% and 30% of tickets for travel companies signed a memorandum of Agreement & service providers term.
* From 30% to 50% of tickets for the unexpected union, student grades I, II and Student (unsigned agreement) was approved by directors of companies.

All waived or reduced the number of cases are Sales Office (tickets department) of statistics and reports monthly, quarterly and annual statistics for guests on Thung Lung Vang to help companies set investment plans, business policies in time.

Protection Division to check the number of passengers in the car to over 95% accurate, especially in the lower group rates and ticket counter check by NV tore off the ticket file for delivery to customers. Every month, the company will at least two unexpected checks on the sale of tickets, counting, collection, service attitude, ...

JSC DVDL Dalat Golden Valley


- Garden Green Energy

- Neo on Italian

- Great Scene

- Springs Rhododendron ...


A different menu for lunch and dinner with yummy desserts available any hour. Especially with many Da Lat special products of flowers and vegetables...


- Room 6 bed
- Not cool.
- Large balcony overlooking the forest...


- Visit
- Restaurants and European food, Asian, Central Highlands with a capacity of 350 guests
- Lodging with a capacity of 100 guests
- Picnic feeling