thung lung vang du lich da lat
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Rules of Golden Valley Bungalow

Article 1: During your stay, you cooperate with the rest to maintain the common property. If unintentionally broken, broken compensation at the current cost. Self-managed property.

Article 2: You must not bring animals, firearms, dangerous weapons, drugs, flammable and into rooms.

Article 3: You should not arbitrarily displaced, disturbed position equipment, bed, table, cabinet in the room when you leave the room and switch off the lights - electrical appliances, gas.

Article 4: After 22h, please adjust the sound you hear just enough to avoid causing noise and affect the next room and area.

Article 5: Check the specified time before 12 h. If the hour, you pay more room. You checked luggage, personal belongings and delivering online staff room to room.

Article 6: Upon request of the cooking, laundry or medical requests, please contact the staff leave. Once out, the DL area, you are sure to bring INSTRUMENTS Check for convenience and safety inspection Guests.

Rules of Golden Valley Bungalow( 5/6/2012 )

- Garden Green Energy

- Neo on Italian

- Great Scene

- Springs Rhododendron ...


A different menu for lunch and dinner with yummy desserts available any hour. Especially with many Da Lat special products of flowers and vegetables...


- Room 6 bed
- Not cool.
- Large balcony overlooking the forest...


- Visit
- Restaurants and European food, Asian, Central Highlands with a capacity of 350 guests
- Lodging with a capacity of 100 guests
- Picnic feeling