thung lung vang du lich da lat
du lich da lat
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The types of services:

- Visit
- Restaurants and European food, Asian, Central Highlands with a capacity of 350 guests
- Lodging with a capacity of 100 guests
- Picnic feeling
- Recreational games for children, adults
- Team Building Games
- Pe'dal 'ea'u
- Recreational fishing
- Ethnic Makeup ...
- Other services ...

  • Hóa trang dân tộc
  • Dã ngoại, chụp hình
  • Dã ngoại
  • Chụp hình cưới
  • Câu cá
  • Nhà hàng
  • Tham quan ngắm cảnh
  • Hóa trang dân tộc
  • Nhà hàng
  • Phòng cho thuê
  • Hóa trang dân tộc
  • Trò chơi cảm giác
  • Hóa trang dân tộc
  • Nghỉ ngơi, ăn uống
  • Cắm trại
  • Dừng chân thưởng thức
  • Nhà hàng
  • Cắm trại
  • Sơ đồ du lịch

Policy for promotion, free or reduced number of total tickets Visiting guests to use at Thung Lung Vang services
Rules of Golden Valley Bungalow
Prunus cerasoides
Golden Valley
Golden Valley Clips
Golden Valley Da Lat

The biggest area in valley is flower park with many rare trees which was taken care of carefully. Here you can see five leaf pine of Vietnam and China, white fir, red pine…,many specific flower of Da Lat like: mimosa, thach thao…
From the mountain, you can see the quite, large water area, pine trees beside lake like a picture. In comfort weather, the trouble and worry seem like not exit.