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Golden valley, romantic land (Da Lat)

With the vast pine forests and large hill grass, Golden Valley in Da Lat is a romantic eco-tourism which has the special privileges of nature.The center of Dalat city about 15 km to the northwest, the Golden Valley resort is one of the new destinations of Da Lat, was put into operation since 2005.

Gradually in the process of finishing operations, now, Dan Kia lake – Yellow stream, the valley attracts many visitors by its natural beauty and unique scenery, romantic views are created by human.

Dan Kia lake located in Lang Biang mountain foot, artificial lake provides water for Da Lat city.

In the complex of 170 ha square pine forest and grass hill, Golden village is eco-tourism area which has the special privileges of nature. Pine and grass hill is the background of flower, rock, lake, waterfall and many beautiful scenery. In pine hill, there is an artificial stream about 1km long like natural stream. Water from this stream divided 2 lines: Tinh and Dong.

Through the soil way, 2 lines become one and make water wheel turning. Stream line and water wheel make tourists think about water wheel in Central river and North forests. Far away, the bamboo bridge, wells, wood wheel, small house.. remind us about rural image of South.

The biggest area in valley is flower park with many rare trees which was taken care of carefully. Here you can see five leaf pine of Vietnam and China, white fir, red pine…,many specific flower of Da Lat like: mimosa, thach thao…
From the mountain, you can see the quite, large water area, pine trees beside lake like a picture. In comfort weather, the trouble and worry seem like not exit.

Walking in valley, tourist can take some photos in flower hill, pine forest…Next, keep walking along flower to stone structure gate, a rock style calligraphy engraved on the mind as an anchor point for the greeting gate of the Golden Valley.

In the blooming season, guests can enjoy the flowers in graceful beside the lake. Flowers bloom petal opening a corner of the sky, the king on the way to go ... Japanese cherry trees make a soft gentle beauty to the valley. Sentence suddenly let someone sing, "Who come cherry area ...", travelers dream of a festival of this lovely flower

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Golden valley, romantic land (Da Lat)

- Garden Green Energy

- Neo on Italian

- Great Scene

- Springs Rhododendron ...


A different menu for lunch and dinner with yummy desserts available any hour. Especially with many Da Lat special products of flowers and vegetables...


- Room 6 bed
- Not cool.
- Large balcony overlooking the forest...


- Visit
- Restaurants and European food, Asian, Central Highlands with a capacity of 350 guests
- Lodging with a capacity of 100 guests
- Picnic feeling